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 Welcome to the ISSET Director’s Blog, your first stop for exciting news, history and programme updates from the The International Space School Educational Trust!

We’ll be updating you on a regular basis about all the goings-on at HQ, so stay tuned for all the updates on our latest projects, highlights from times gone by and a personal insight into the incredible characters that we’ve met along the way.

Adopting NASA’s ‘Can do!’ attitude, we run an extremely diverse range of programmes; from outdoor leadership courses to guided tours of US space centres, the binding emphasis of all our programmes is on inspiration. These experiences are more of an educational adventure, letting you really get to grips with learning essential key skills, but in a unique way.

We utilise space exploration as a way of motivating people to achieve, not just within the realms of science and space technology but any personal or business related objectives.

We make sure that participants come into contact with inspirational figures such as astronauts and NASA scientists, so that they are provided with a constant symbol of success and motivation throughout the programmes.

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Mission Discovery Delhi Team Arrives in India

The team has just arrived in Delhi to carry out a 5 day Mission Discovery (see below) with 230 excited students. The team includes Commander, Steve Swanson, NASA’s Deputy Chief of EVA, Robotics and ISS System Sarah Murray and ISSET Director Chris Barber. These guys are pictured in Agra visiting the Red Fort and the magnificent Taj Mahal, a 15th Century mausoleum designed to house the Mughal Emperor’s favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.
IMG_4312 - Copy.JPG
They also went along to meet the ladies of ‘Sheroes’. They have set up a cafe and hang-out for survivors, like themselves of the vicious crime of acid attacks. Such crimes have often been carried out by relatives who the survivors previously thought of as ‘loved-ones’. The ladies seek to raise awareness to stamp out this senseless and unjustifiable brutality towards women and spread a message of hope for future promise to survivors.

Astronaut Steve Swanson, NASA Deputy Chief Sarah Murray and ISSET Director Chris Barber with the inspirational team that run ‘Sheroes’ in Agra

The work of Sheroes supports the women survivors in getting education, work and raising their families. Please take a look at the web site and seriously consider donating to help the women who have suffered front this horrific and unthinkable savagery.
Note: Mission Discovery is a week long programme that enables students to learn directly from astronauts, NASA leaders and world renown scientists. The students work in teams to come up with a design for an experiment to be carried out on the International Space Station by astronauts as they orbit the Earth.

Coming soon: Mission Discovery: Kings College London July 2017 – students are signing up right now, visit our website for more details.

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