Mission Discovery Experiments to Launch with SpaceX this Friday

This Friday, 5 of our winning Mission Discovery STEM programme experiments will be launched into space aboard SpaceX8, headed to the International Space Station.

The launch is currently set for 4:43 pm EST.

Here are some photos of our students putting together their experiments in the lab:


Message to the Moon Back in Action!

We are proud to announce our Message to the Moon project is back in action with a new launch contract and date.


You can now send a text message for FREE on the staggering 250,000 mile journey to the Moon!

As it stands, you have 99 Days 14 hours in which to form your message and upload it via our new website. Why wait? Head on over now to secure your place in our lunar time capsule!

Return of Creepy Dragon Capsule

In the spirit of Halloween, an extra creepy space capsule is set to return to Earth this week, carrying blood and urine from astronauts on board the International Space Station.

The unmanned SpaceX Dragon capsule has been packed with 384 syringes of urine and 112 tubes of blood, which will help scientists back on Earth carry out vital research on the effects that space travel has on the body. These samples are the first to return since July 2011, so it will be interesting to see what’s new or if there are any developments.

“It may be urine to you, but it’s gold for us,'” NASA nutritionist Scott Smith of the Johnson Space Centre said before the Dragon mission. “There’s a lot of science that comes out of this.”

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